ECU Remaps from TurboPACS

Unlock Your Car's Potential.

Our chip remaps are perfect for people who are looking to unlock their vehicle's potential performace.

Efficient Future

Our remapping unleashes your car’s potential to be as efficient as possible, helping you increase your mpg.

See and Feel Your Car’s Potential

With our Rolling Roads, we can cater for both cars and motorbikes custom chip remaps and performance chips to provide before & after performance figures.

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Why Use TurboPACS for your remapping?

What Is It?

Modern cars contain what's called an ECU (Engine Control Unit), which controls exactly how the engine works. Car manufacturers leave the control unit set to a default performance when sending out vehicles due to variables such as laws & restrictions, climates, and the different quality of fuel around the world.

Remapping replaces the original software that manufacturers use on their ECU, which is then programmed to develop your car’s performance, to sharpen your car’s power and make your car economically friendly. This is done through plugging your new tuned and developed software into your car’s serial port.

What do we do?

We tune and program your ECU to suit your car’s needs, optimise the performance and increase efficiency. We replace your basic ECU software with custom, brand new software which will tune your ECU configured to your driving style. Depending on your driving style, you can get the most out of your raised engine power and torque which will mean your fuel usage will be more efficient and your car will achieve more miles to a tank.